The Next Step.

This is only the beginning.


On Tuesday, June 11th, over a thousand Virginian’s woke up, walked to the polls, and cast their votes for a 23-year-old first year law student who they had never heard of just months before. I am proud of the work we did, and the I am humbled by the support our campaign received. In only four months time and with a fraction of the budget of our fellow candidates, this campaign captured the interest and support of a loyal and energized group of people in Virginia’s 10th Senate District. We helped shed light on the issues that we knew were important to the people living here, and we pushed our fellow primary candidates to consider the positions that we highlighted, strengthening, challenging, and energizing every party involved.

Now it is time to take that same energy and place it squarely behind the victor of our primary, Dr. Ghazala Hashmi, as she takes on Glen Stutervant in November. It has been my pleasure to run alongside Dr. Hashmi, and I know she has all the right tools to turn this district blue in November. Please consider taking the same energy you placed behind me and joining me in supporting Dr. Hashmi’s campaign.

I’ve often spoken on leadership and what it takes to lead. It takes dedication, patience, respect, diligence, and above all, it takes a willingness to listen. It takes all of us. “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” I know that Ghazala has all of these tools, and I’m ready to join Dr. Hashmi this summer and this November, and to go far, together, as we fight for the citizens of Virginia in the statehouse.

Here’s the link to Dr. Hashmi’s website - please take a moment to learn about her and her wonderful campaign, and to consider supporting her in November! LINK



Zachary P. Brown