Supporting Local Industry.

We need to streamline the bureaucratic process in order to spur entrepreneurship and encourage local business. Small business owners are the backbone of the American economy and the backbone of this district, and we should provide them with every possible incentive to excel.


Paid Family Leave.

It is time to support paid family leave for all working families in Virginia.  When we invest in our workers and their families, our community thrives and our economy grows.



I will support infrastructure legislation to improve our roads and bridges, provide rural communities greater access to broadband internet, expand public transportation options, and build a clean energy sector. This will put people to work, kick-start our economy, reduce congestion, streamline our transportation network, and provide new opportunities for Virginians in the 21st century.


Support For Veterans and Active Military.

If you are a Virginian who has served our country in the armed services, your military pension should be exempted from state taxes. As your State Senator, I will push to give tax credits to veteran-owned businesses, as well as businesses that employ veterans and military spouses.


Tax Cuts.

Virginia should give tax breaks to working families and small businesses while raising taxes for households and businesses with higher incomes to fund programs to help the 21% of people in this district living in poverty.